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Three Generations of Master Craftsmen Specializing in Quality Custom Home Building

When the time comes to build the custom home of your dreams, there is a difference between hiring a contractor and a craftsman. A true master craftsman not only delivers a home that is of a superior quality, but one that dazzles with features and adornments that transcend the mundaine and truly make it the home of your dreams. A craftsman built custom home is truly "custom" - tailored to your perfect needs and tastes - with character and quality that make it the talk and envy of the neighborhood.


Finding the right residential construction company to build your new home is one of the most important decisions of your life. You want the highest quality home at a fair price. Superior quality and good value should not be mutually exclusive terms. At KMG, three generations of craftsmanship not only ensures that you'll have a custom home that is built to perfection, but one that is of unmatched value. It is our tradition of excellence that enables us to build custom homes of exceptional value by keeping the building effiicient, on time and on budget - signs of true experience. Furthermore, our skilled master craftsmen and in-house carpenters save you unnecessary markups and labor costs.


A reputation, like a home, is built and should stand the test of time. Over the years we have built a reputation of trust and integrity that is as solid as our homes. Our family name is important to us. That is why every custom home we build is overseen by the company owner to make sure that you receive the best service and standards in the industry. This personalized services is why dozens of our customers are happy to be listed as references - a true sign of trust.


Our professional staff will create a design using your ideas, incorporating your personal style and our construction experience, to transform your vision into reality. And with our state-of-the-art CAD (computer aided design) system, buyers can view three-dimensional concepts of what their new home will look like, inside and out.

While many people can envision exactly what they want for their new home or addition, few have the knowledge or ability to translate their ideas into reality. Sometimes, they're forced to settle for a job that is "close enough." At Kaiser-Martin Group Construction, we don't expect customers to compromise or make sacrifices. Your new home will not only be built to last a lifetime, but it will also be carefully designed and constructed to meet your individual needs. Call the Kaiser-Martin Group for all your residential construction needs.